Citizens of Tetrem-Afigya in the United States inaugurated the Tetremman Association of U.S.A. (TAUSA) on Saturday July 11, 2009 at the Minnie B. Veal Community Center in Edison, New Jersey. The inaugural meeting coincided with the visit by Tetremhene, Nana Osei Kwame II to the U.S.A.

Speaking at the function, the Guest of Honor, Nana Osei Kwame II, enumerated some of the projects the people have embarked on and appealed to the membership to help fund some of these projects. Some of the projects included an upgrade of the Town’s Clinic to a Health Center to attract a resident Physician, an upgrade of the town’s library, remodeling of the classrooms and buildings for the primary and junior secondary schools, and the construction of a Community Center and decent toilet facilities. Other projects included housing facelift, erosion control and street resurfacing.

In response to the Guest of Honor’s speech, Nana Dr Isaac Takyi, interim President of the association and organizer of the event, acknowledged the efforts the Chief and the people were making to improve the town. He however, stated that a lot more is needed to be done to help improve the living standards of the people. In recognition of this, Dr. Takyi called on all Tetrem citizens and well wishers in the diaspora to contribute their quota to the development of the town. He said the idea of forming an association had been on the minds of the citizens for a long time and was glad that it had finally been realized. The association, which has as its motto – “Unity and Development”, otherwise locally called “nkabomu ne nkosuo” aims at uniting all Tetrem citizens and friends in the USA and empowering them to undertake a number of development projects in the township.

On behalf of the citizens and well wishers who attended the event, Dr Takyi thanked Nana Osei Kwame II for his diligence, devotion and selflessness and pledged that the members are poised to assist the town and its residents. He also said one of the objectives of TAUSA is to connect and support members in the diaspora in their daily struggles. Obaasima Afua Birago was the Mistress of Ceremony and music was provided by Nana Gyau Sounds. The inauguration, which attracted more than 50 members from Massachusetts, Virginia, Rhode Island, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New York and New Jersey ended with a dinner and dance.

Anyone willing to support TAUSA should provide their donation to TAUSA, P. O. Box 302, Colonia, NJ 07067, USA. Pictured below are some members of TAUSA at the event. In the middle at the head table is Nana Osei Kwame II; Nana Dr. Isaac Takyi is seated on his left.

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