London's Tetrem Association (LTA) has joined -- Madam Attaa Serwaa [Aunt Maggie] in a final funeral rites ceremony of her Beloved Mother who had passed away on the 7th of August 2009 at Tetrem-Afigya, Ashanti Region - Ghana . This ceremony took place at Gemini Centre - Chelmsford  UK, on the Saturday 28th August 2010. The usual pomp and pageantry of such occasions rekindled loss - sadness and empathy for the family. To LTA it was a day of Healing and Reconciliation given the difficulties of times like this in far away home. 

In a short speech while presenting cash donation of £400.00 to the bereaved family the Chair speaking on the topic UNITY IS GOOD and PLEASANT stated that In all walk of Life there's both Team work and Hostility. Historically two sides consisting - extremes of Enemies and Love bicker and fight as two sides for the same cause. Reminding citizens who isolates themselves from LTA regardless of the reason renegades and disobedient and even such  actions help cripple the motives LTA's  reconciliation call for it is always Good & it is Pleasant when citizens live together in Unity

An exhortation call to ALL members of LTA to make phone calls to citizens not familiar with the Tetrem Union and initiate constant conversation by so doing help build a bridge to someone you might not normally contact. 

The occasion was one of those that show how beneficial [good and pleasant] it is for citizens to live together in Unity. LTA's presence was graphic demonstration to -- the whites -- the rich culture of our traditions.

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